Protective Style Challenge Check In

Hey y’all! So I’m two full weeks in my CN Winter Protective Style Challenge and three weeks in to the Good Hair Blogs Protective Style Challenge. I figured I record my highs and lows of the challenges so far and I included my holiday hair style. Lastly, I’m just discussing what I expect to change/modify over these next few weeks leading up to my next length check. Happy Saturday !

Highs: creating different PS has kept my ends very moisturized and has eliminated a lot of SSK
-drinking water has cleared my skin
-mini scalp massages are amazing and I’m noticing my hair is thickening around my scalp

Lows: constant trips to the bathroom 😦
-keeping up with my water intake on the weekend is tough
-consistently doing scalp massages is difficult also

Holiday hair will be this

Until then I will continue doing buns.

Um my expectations for the next two weeks are to amp up my mini scalp massages. Increase my daily water intake and create different creative buns. I’m hoping to see at least an half an inch of growth. This time I will actually measure my hair so I can see if anything changes.



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