CLT: Cherry Lola Treatment

Happy Christmas Eve all πŸ™‚

So this past weekend was wash day and I figured I finally try the Cherry Lola Treatment or the CLT. I really didn’t have much to do sooo I figured I attempt the CLT and took a quick trip to Whole Foods.

What is the Cherry Lola Treatment? It is a protein treatment that aids in reducing frizz, defining and softening curls. Here’s the link to the actual creator of the treatment, it includes a bunch of information about the treatment and what you can benefit by doing it.

The ingredients for the CLT are as follows:

16oz plain yogurt, I used FAGE and I believe I only used 12 oz

2tbsp Liquid Aminos, DO NOT USE SOY SAUCE!

2tbsp Baking Soda

I mixed the Liquid Aminos and the yogurt together first and then added the baking soda which caused a crazy reaction. It instantly turned the concotion to a light, frothy mixture.

Next, I sectioned my hair in four sections and began to evenly distribute the mixture from root to tip. I used my fingers to detangle, which by the way was super easy to do. πŸ™‚ I let the mixture sit on my hair for about 45 minutes to an hour and then washed it out with a bowl of lukewarm water in my tub.

….and whoooo hoo man were my curls poppin after washing out the mixture. I was seriously amazed. I had major definition, my curls were buttery soft and my hair was semi stretched. Two thumbs up to this treatment. I will definietly be adding this to my regimen. I’m thinking twice a month.

But anywho, I continued my newly acquired mixtress skills and added a few extra items to my Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. I never really measure anything but I had some left over SMDTM from an old jar and I added some raw honey, AVG and castor oil to the SMDTM and got a thick and creamy mixture. I applied that to my hair and then sat under my ever- so amazing steamer.

Detangling was a breeze, my curls were popping AGAIN and my frizz was at a bare minimum. I followed up with some MyHoneyChild products which I won’t be reviewing just yet because I want to try them out atleast another time….so yeah I used a few of my new products and then did a blow out on my hair to prepare for my holiday style.

I know I had posted a picture of my holiday style however I have changed my mind for my Christmas holiday style and will continue on my bun challenge until NYE. Anywho I put my hair in two buns and used braiding hair to create a faux two strand twist bun…if that makes any sense. I’m going to post of picture of they style so you can get an idea. I don’t like the braiding hair I used so I’m on the hunt to find different hair after work. I will be back later to give a review and a tutorial on how I achieved the style.

Until then enjoy your Christmas Eve guys and gals πŸ™‚













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