Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013


So I’m not sure if you all follow Chinese astrology but I tend to dabble in it a bit. LOL. Anywho 2012 was the year of dragon, a year of new beginnings and mixed blessings.  I remeber reading somewhere that we should expect excitement and unpredictability and boy was that true. I don’t read to much into astrology but some parts speak volumes for my life. Especially this part, “Dragons years are characterized as dramatic, full of lavish and unpredictable events.”

2012 was definitely a year of new beginnings and mixed blessings for me. It started off okay, my son turned 4, I went to Vegas for the first time and just spending time with family and friends. I changed my hair a million and one times, got a wonderful job promotion. The only negatives were my relationship with my son’s father. However, it can be turned into a positive because I FINALLY let it go! A true mixed blessing indeed. It took me most of the year to realize but November 11th, 2012 was the day I gave up and never looked back.  Despite all that negativity, I found a new beginning. A new relationship with an old friend. Life is great and I’m finally happy again. I’m excited to see where this new relationship will lead me. He’s a great man and I’m lucky to have him in my life.

Let’s see money wise, I did an okay job in 2012. I realized that I needed to change my spending habits and start SAVING more. After working at a credit reporting agency, I came to realize that everything my momma had stressed about credit scores and not abusing credit cards came into focus. Which is why I created my savings accounts at my credit union as a means of saving MORE money so I can splurge on things when needed. And paying down my credit cards has been a HUGE focus of mine this year and I’ve finally mastered it. I’m hoping that these newly acquired skills will lead to much finanical sucess in 2013.

Lastly, my hurr…my baby love (Azizi as my son calls her). I put her through so much this year. Heat damage, as stated before a million and one styles and even dyed her for my birthday and yet she’s still standing strong. In fact growing like a weed. I have big plans for her this year. I’ve finally took a step back and listened to her and now that we are on the same frequency I’m almost positive that she will continue to grow and surprise me.

Now onto 2013, the year of the snake.  Chinese zodiac predictions are for a tricky and hard to plan year. My 2013 predictions for those born in the Year of the Dragon include:

-Things will not go as smoothly as they normally do for the charming dragon, but that charm will be able to talk its way around the obstacles.

-2013 is the best time to start over

Dragons are seen to be lucky in issues related to love, romance and education next year.


So what are my resolutions?

Family: Spend as much time as possible with my family this year.

Friends: Make new friends but keep the old 🙂

Wealth: Continue to save save save and pay down debt

Love: Continue with this new beginning and take things SLOW

Hair: Continue to love and nurture my baby…I’m hoping to reach APL by the end of the year.


What are some of your resolutions? Goals? I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year!

Peace and Love ❤


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