PSC: Yarn Wraps

Hey yallll…!!

So I’ve finally finished my latest protective style and I’m here to share. πŸ™‚

While perusing Youtube I came across a video of yarn wraps done by KnottyNikki (I think that’s how her name is spelled) and I instantly fell in love with her hair. It was a how to video of her doing yarn wraps. Now I have done yarn braids in the past and those were fairly easy. I just can’t get the measurements down so they were all different lengths.

Here’s some pictures from last time…they were all I could find.. wahhh
photo 2 photo 1

But anyway I knew after watching that video that that would be my next style. So I went to Micheal’s.. i think and purchased two huge things of the red heart yarn in black. I got two because they were on sale. LOL


I washed and deeeeep conditioned my hair and then I blew it out on cool and got to work on these thangs. Now I never fully think things through and quickly realized that things were going to be very time consuming. The steps are starting out with three pieces of yarn and braiding that with your hair for about an inch or so and then using two separate pieces of yarn and wrapping the whole strand…if that makes any sense.

So parting is my downfall, but I honestly don’t care about exact parts so yeah. My sister helped with some of the parting then completely abandoned the kid lol.

16 hours later…over the course of three days, I FINALLY FINISHED. Let me just say this, they turned out lovely, however I still haven’t mastered the length thing.

Yeah, so I plan on keeping this for the rest of January and probably the first week of February. I’m looking into making my own braid spray to aid in my itchy scalp. Also, I’m still doing my steam treatments twice a week and I’m moisturing my hair every three days. I’ll probably wash them once or twice before taking them out.


So yeah…. what are your thoughts? Also, ignore the bathroom pics.. lol

photo photo 2 photo 1
Also, here is the video that convinced me to try these out:

Peace and Love, Love bugs ❀



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