Unboxing: January 2013 Curlkit

Hey y’all!

I’m back with another unboxing. Drum roll please…It’s the January 2013 Curlkit now after a little confusion I received my kit in the mail today and I figure I would share.

First impressions: this box would not close, just like last months box. Also, it smelled divine.


Anywho, I’ve already seen spoilers on both YT and CurlyNikki so I had a pretty good idea of what would be in the box. One thing I did recently stumble upon was some ladies over at CN had some products spill in their boxes and some ladies received the ampro gel while others didn’t. I, myself didn’t receive the gel but I have no use for gel at the current moment so I’m okay with that. But onto the unboxing:


The theme for this box was “New Year, New You” and this is what I received.

As I Am Coconut CoWash: light no suds conditioning cream gently removes residue including all of the things you’ve used to style and maintain your coils and curls. Now it’s time for a sparking new beginning. This cowash is different from any other because it contains a special blend of natural ingredients that world to promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level.
I already have this product and I’ve used it a few times and every time I used it, it left my hair feeling clean yet moisturized. I will definitely revisit this when it’s time to wash my yarn twists.


Koils By Nature: Leave In Conditioners, excellent creamy herbal conditioner and detangle intended to smooth the cuticle and remove knots, snarls, and tangles from thick kinky textured hair. I’m very excited to use this product. I’ve watched tons of reviews and am stoked to use it. Hopefully my hair loves it so I can order the other samples.


Cream and Coco Raspberry Rice pudding Shampoo Bar, Shampoo bars are a natural hair wonder, as they clean your hair without any harsh surfactants or detergents. They are a luscious blend of organic fruits, botanicals & hair loving oils that nourish the hair and scalp while gently cleansing. I absolutely love this line! So I’m already bias towards the poo bar. But I shall be reviewing this soon.


Pooka Pure and Simple Sugar Body Polish exfoliation will rejuvenate those layers of dead skin to reveal a new glowing you! this thing smells divine. I can’t wait to use this in the shower. πŸ˜€


The next things I grouped together because they contain sulfates, cones & mineral oil. Since I’m going CG after my PSC ends I’m trying to eliminate every product that isn’t CG friendly.

Moisture Max leave in creme conditioner and curl pudding & Salon Exotics Keratin Maintenance Replenish Masque
I’m not going to include the blurb from the curl mag for these ones but to summarize they both include keratin proteins to aid in applying moisture and replenishing the hair strand. They also aid in increasing hair’s natural shine.


Lastly, I received a Denman Style Brush Detangles, defines curls and even has removal bristles to make it perfect for your unique tresses. YES! I’ve actually been on the lookout for a Denman style brush since my sister has lost/stolen my other two. Any who I can’t wait to put this thing to work.


Overall this was my second curlkit and again I’m impressed. I can use about 85% of the products and I’m totally fine with that. I’ll be back with product reviews my loves.

Peace and love ❀



2 thoughts on “Unboxing: January 2013 Curlkit

  1. love koils by nature conditioners! That and the hydrating creamy conditioner are my current staples. love pooka pure and simple esp. their body butters!! you should also look in Lalalicious body scrubs! the sugar kiss body scrub is to die for!! its the only body scrub I use and leave me skin silky smooth and soft. no need for lotion afterwards!

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