Unboxing: February Julep Maven

Happy Monday all!

So this is going to be a quick unboxing before work. My February Julep Maven box arrived this past weekend & let me just say this, it’s an amazing box! I love all the little subtle touches and small treasures julep provides to us mavens.






So I received two boxes. One was my monthly subscription and the other was my add on box. Both contained nudes and purple/pink colors. I must say that I’m currently obsessed with nude nails. They also included an oxygen treatment polish which is supposed to support healthier nails & a polymer top coat. Now I never apply a top coat but I used it this past weekend and that stuff really works. My nails have yet to chip which is amazing because I’m so freaking clumsy and hit my hands off of everything.
I currently have this reddish purple with gold flecks color and this nude blush color on my nails and I’m in love. It’s the perfect colors for valentines day.


But that’s it for now, time to get dressed for work…blahhh.
Have a great day loves!
Peace & Love


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