Eight Week Bikini Diet



Hey all!

So I’m not sure if I did New Years resolutions or not.. but I know one of my many goals for the year 2013 was to whip my body into shape and begin to eat healthy. Now I won’t say I’ve been blessed or extremely lucky thus far, but I have a immensely fast metabolism so I used to be able to just eat whatever and never have to worry about it doing any damage to my body. But after having my son and my belly expanded just a tad…I’m eager to get back to that once FLAT tummy of my wonder years. LOL

But seriously, I know working out in the gym or at home is only a small portion of obtaining a lean mean fighting machine. I have about 8 weeks left until my vacation to Miami and I figured why NOT. This is the perfect time to begin to eat healthy and sculpt my perfect bikini body.

So for the past week I’ve been doing the Victoria’s Secret Model Abs workout…btw that thing is a KILLER my abs hate me…anywho the girl who does them has this great website with tons of tips and meal plans to follow while embarking on your weight loss journey. After perusing her site for hours, I decided I would follow her eight week bikini diet meal plan… and after enlisting my mother I figured I reach out to my blog readers and see if anyone else wanted to join on us on this journey..

Well before I get ahead of myself let me first give you all the deets…they are as follows:

Here’s the meal plan…

meal 1

*egg white omelet (1/2 cup liquid egg whites) with 1 cup broccoli.

meal 2

*1 small can tuna with 2 cups broccoli.

meal 3

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast and 1 cup steamed green  beans.

meal 4

*1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water (I was using Body  Fortress Super Advanced Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla)

meal 5

*9 oz boneless skinless steamed chicken breast, 2 cups romain lettuce, 1  tomato.

meal 6

1.5 scoops vanilla whey protein mixed w/ water

For condiments I used lite soy sauce and tabasco. For dressings, basalmic  vinegar or very light vinaigrettes.

On Sundays you are supposed to carb load to fuel up for the rest of the week. So you would substitute the protien for sweet potatoes, black beans, oatmeal, and apple sauce…since you aren’t allowed to eat fruits  ugh pray for me.. I LIVE FOR FRUITS.

I plan on drinking about one gallon of water a day…crazy right!?

As for working out my schedule will be as follows:

MWF – Hitting the gym with my madre or after work where I will be doing a mixture of lifting and intense cardio

T/TH– I will be following the blogilates monthly calendar and doing a mixture of the activites listed at home (concentrating on my abs, booty and legs)

Saturdays- Will be devoted to running outdoors/steps and or the gym

Sundays- rest days

…and that’s it. Sounds insane right? Let’s hope scratch that. I will succeed. I’m determined to whip this body into shape and this is just the beginning of it. If you want to read more info or join blogilates check it out here —> Read more at http://www.blogilates.com/nutrition-2/6596867132#wibWLM6IxeUt6EEG.99

Oh and lastly, I will be posting a weekly vlog regarding my thoughts and experiences with the diet. Before and after photos shall be posted as well. Until next time guys!




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