1 one day down only 55 more to go…


Hey all 🙂

So today officially kicks off my 8 week bikini diet created by Cassey at blogilates.com. I went shopping yesterdat and got all of my supplies and so far had 4 out of my 6 meals of the day. Also I hit the gym with my madre earlier and it was GREAT!

I’ve never been on such a restricted diet, but I know that not eating healthy yet working out isn’t going to work. So I MUST CHANGE..and what better time than now right?

I am making one small change to the diet, instead of eating 9 ounces of chicken (yikes) I will only eat 4 oz of chicken and add another protein shake. I’m also researching another snack/meal option to coincide with one of the protein shakes to help amp up my calories. Once I figure out what I’m adding I will update that page.

Lastly, here are my starting measurements:

Waist:27 inches

Hips:37 inches

Left Thigh24 inches   Right Thigh: 23 Inches


My goals: Over these next weeks, I hope to tone up and slim down on this belly that I have. I’m really hoping that clean eating paired with 5-6 exercises a week will help set my goals in motion. I’m ready for bikini season.Image

As promised, there is my before picture… excuse the dirty mirror and my junky room in the background. Lastly, if any of you guys are on my fitness pal, follow me and my madre!

Mine is Erricka724  and her’s is slimgoody05

Andddddd….. here is the latest blogilates calendar which I will be following to the ‘t’. I just finished up all the videos for day one and boy am I beat. But I’m off to prepare my dinner. Day One Recap video coming later.

Peace and love ❤


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