Superfood Showdown


Hey all!

Soooo i’m hitting week two and I came to another revelation.. yeah yeah i know. lol So i’m totally ditching that mini lean out plan, and instead using it as a backbone for the basis of my clean eating. So bye bye diet and hello clean eating. I’m still having some difficulty ditching sweets when at work. I’m currently snacking on fresh fruit and greek yogurt to help curve those cravings.

Now, I’m pretty sure you all have heard of the “SUPER FOODS”…which is basically a group of foods that are research-backed, expert-beloved disease fighters and energy boosters. So I’ve decided to incorporate these 10 super foods into my daily diet for the next 7 weeks. So, what are the 10 super foods you ask? They are as follows:

•Dark chocolate
Garlic… yuck, dark chocolate..yummy! Lol. So there they are… the superfoods. I will try to post pictures of recipes I find as well as a weekly recap of each food. My first week will takedown avocado.I’m a HUGE fan of avocado’s. I absolutely love them so I’m excited to see what dishes I can find and make. I will attempt to make a week one recap video either tonight or tomorrow night.

Are any of you guys tackling super foods? if so let me know!

Peace and Love ❤


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