Oh no, it’s Winter time !

winter_girl (photo courtesy of blacknaps.org)

…well not just yet. Well atleast it isn’t “technically” the winter just yet. Here in Pittsburgh, things get quite out of control rather quickly. So as I prepare for the harsh winter weather on my tresses I figured I compile a list of 10 winter time tips to help protect your natural tresses.

Shampoo less– I for one do not regularly shampoo my tresses unless I deem necessary, however if you are a natural girl who likes to shampoo then I would suggest during the colder months to stretch those poos as much as possible. Since some shampoos contains ingredients that strip and dry out hair, excessive shampooing can lead to breakage.

Conditioner is your friend – Now I loveeee cowashes and deep conditioning my tresses. So naturally as it gets colder, I condition more. I make sure to deep condition between every protective style and to use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner daily. Also, while protective styling I make sure to do a steam treatment with a deep conditioner atleast once or twice a week just to make sure my conditioner is penetrating my strands.

Tuck it away– Pittsburgh can get quite cold and windy, so its imperative to tuck away my strands. Rather it be in two strand twists or roll tuck n pins or using extensions to do braids or twists, I make sure to hide my fragile ends from the harsh elements. With your ends hidden you have less chances of them being snagged on clothing such as yarn or wool. So tuck those ends.

Trim regularly– Since the ends are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair, you should focus on keeping them up to standard. I normally trim every 6-8 weeks so when I do two strand twists in between my extension protective styles I make sure to trim my ends. Be sure to trim about a half an inch every time.

Lock in moisture– As previously stated, I make sure to do steam treatments as a way to apply conditioner to my hair, in order to lock that in I often follow it up with some type of sealant such as a cream or butter since its getting colder. Check out my previous feature about the LOC method and the order to follow.

Say NO to Heat – Blow dryers and flat irons can cause severe damage to your tresses so limit the use of heat in the winter. If you are going to use heat be sure to use some type of heat protectant like grape seed oil.

Scalp massages are your friend – Regular scalp massages stimulate the flow of blood to your scalp, activating hair follicles and encouraging growth. Use oils like jojoba and Jamaican black castor oil, and beginning at the nape or your neck, massage your oil into your scalp using a circular motion. Try to do this at least once a week.

Drop the towel – Now I’ve never used a terry cloth towel to dry my tresses just in fear of snags or breakage, but its very important to use old tshirts rather than towels during the winter to dry your tresses. Also, be sure to allow your hair to fully dry before leaving the house, myth or not no one wants to catch a cold from a wet head.

Honey, please – My hair loves honey, it provides and helps my hair retain moisture. I often add it, along with other fatty oils to my deep conditioning treatments for moisturizing conditioner. Be sure to also look out for products that already contain honey. I happen to love Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate-Be sure to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, your hair and nails will thank you.

As always stay warm. Peace and love folks ❀


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