Black Friday Damage

Okay I went a little crazy this BF in the hair department. I mean my hair is currently in a protective style for the next few weeks sooo I don’t even know how I’m going to even have time to use some of these products I purchased. But that’s never a problem for a product junkie. 🙂

So I’m going to share with you all everything that I purchased for Black Friday minus my purchases for  my son..he’s the reason my bank account is so bare…you are all free to judge me six ways to there is seriously no shame. I just won’t share any prices with you all because then you will think I’m some sort of rich person..WHICH I’m far from and I can’t let AES know I’m spending my funds on hair and body products when the extra could be sent to them.

Oyin Handmade:

Now Oyin is a staple line from me so I couldn’t pass up on any type of sale that was going on. I purchased my products on the ground (OTG) at WholeFoods for 25% off but I know online they were offering 20% with free shipping for orders over 50 dollars..I think. Anywho I picked up

1. x1 Honey Hemp Conditioner. 16.9 ounces

2. x1 Burnt Sugar Pomade. 8 ounces

3. x1 Honey Dew (LOVE THIS STUFF..HOLY GRAIL product.) 16.9 ounces

4. x1 Whipped Pudding (also loveeee.) 8 ounces



This is a first time purchase from this company, but I’ve read great reviews about this company on the countless hair forums I’m apart of. I believe they were having a 20-40% off sale on everything.

 1. x1 Whipped Cream

2. x1 Vatika Frosting ( I read some great reviews on this stuff.) 9ounces

3. x1 Sitrinillah DC (I’m on the quest to find the perfect deep conditioner so I figured why not purchase this.) 16 ounces

4. x1 Almond Glaze. 6ounces


Shescentit (SSI):

Now I have ordered from this company in the past and have always had great results from her products. They were having a 30% off sale so of course I had to pick up a few new items.

1. x1 Avocado Conditioner (one of the few conditioners I haven’t tried from this line and I’m exciting to use it because I’ve read wonderful reviews on this product.)  9 ounces

2. x1 Okra Hair Repair Reconstructor (I’m looking for a staple protein conditioner and I figured I give this a shot.) 9ounces

3. x1 Blueberry Cowash (a new product to her line and of course I coudn’t pass this up.) 9ounces

4. x1 Juicy Berry Buttercream (another newer product to her line that I could NOT order ha) 5.5 ounces


Cream and Coco:

I had ordered from Cream and Coco in the past but my hair really didn’t mesh well with her products so this haul was more so a body haul. I had heard and read wonderful reviews on her body products, specifically her pink cookie soap and I figured now would be the perfect time for me to pick up a few things. I do believe she was having a 35% off sale. But I picked up:

1. x1 Pink Cookie Soap. (This is a soap specifically for lady “cookies”. ha again I had read great reviews and I’m moving towards all natural products so I decided to give this a shot) 5.50 ounces

2. x1 Honey Pot Soap (yet another lady soap I had to try) 5.50 ounces

3. x1 Honey Butter Toning Moisturizer (eh.. I was looking for a moisturizer for my face.) 4 ounces

Hairitage Hydration:

So first of let me say that ordering from this vendor has been a total NIGHTMARE. Now don’t get me wrong I love to support black owned businesses espically when the owner is a Pittsburgh native, but after this crazy experience I’m moreso hesitant. I had found out about this company from a hair forum I’m apart of and the ladies there KNOW THEIR STUFF so I figured why not give them a shot. After doing some more research I found out that she was having a 40% off pre black friday sale…sounds a little to good to be true right? *rolls eyes* but anywho she had quoted a 20 day waiting period..fine cool I can wait that long especially since my hair is currently covered sooo whatever. Long story short she had back to back sales..both her pre BF sale and then another sale spanning BF/Cyber Monday weekend. CRAZY right? A whole coupon fiasco happened..blacklash and drama arised and needless to say this young woman has NO..I repeat NO business skills, and is very unprofessional and “homegirl” driven. I finally received my order after filing a dispute with Paypal, of course that was completely overlooked and my products were whatever. I will try out the products and if they work..oh well I’m completely turned off by the whole experience and actually feel sorry because she got greedy and made promises that she couldn’t keep so now countless women are canceling orders due to the wait time and her lack of professionalism. But here is what I picked up:

1. x1 The Deep C conditioner (again I’m on the search for the “Holy Grail” DC) 4 ounces

2. x1 Castor Infusion (my hair has been in love with Castor Oil yeah) 4 ounces

3. x1 Soft Coconut Marshmallows (the ladies on the hair forums RAVE about this leave in, so of course I was going to pick this up, I wish I would’ve picked up more. :-/) 8 ounces.

4. x1 Sticky Honey Hash Condioner (HONEY and my tresses are in LOVE) 8 ounces.

5. BONUS: Liquid Gold Cake Batter: since her site is down I can’t really figure out the ingredients in this product but I’m not sure why I recieved a FULL SIZE product of this maybe because I’m from Pittsburgh..not sure lol but I will be sure to review it.


I believe that is it..there were tons more items I wanted to pick up but my hair funds were limited. However, since my Christmas shopping is pretty much completed I am quickly building funds for my after Christmas sales so I will be able to pick up more things don’t judge me but my inner PJ is slowly making a comeback.

Once I’m able to acutally use some of these products, I will be sure to do a full review!

Peace and Love ❤


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