2014 Goals

Following along with the holiday styles, I’d figured it be the perfect time to list both my personal and hair goals for the upcoming year. No you won’t hear no “new year, new me” lol, I’m making SMART goals which mean they will be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Let us begin with my hair goals:
1. Reach bra strap length (BSL) by December 2014. I’m currently grazing APL length in certain areas but I’m hoping with the changes I’m making to my current regimen that I will be able to successfully reach BSL.
2. Narrow down staple products. Despite my PJism, I’m purchasing products that don’t work well with my hair and in turn wasting precious coins.
3. Dye my hair back to black.
4. Remain consistent in my routine, don’t slack off.
6. Continue to document my journey.

As for my personal goals:
1. Take GRE and LSAT by December 2014
2. Narrow down potential grad schools by June 2014.
3. Successfully complete 2013-2014 Public Allies cohort.
4. Apply to be a second year ally in Pittsburgh, DC and Chicago.
5. Get back to clean eating my January 2014
6. Get back in the gym by January 2014
8. Travel the east coast with Dhani at least twice this summer.
9. Continue to volunteer with an organization that aligns with my passion.

So that is it, they’re all pretty realistic and attainable. I will print these out and keep them handy in my room and on my desk so every time I achieve a goal, I will cross it off of my list.
What are some of your goals for 2014?


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