How to Advoid Natural Hair Boredom

Next year marks my four year nappiversary and I CAN NOT WAIT. As stated in one of my hair goals for 2014 I’m hoping to reach BSL. However I often get asked, “Don’t you get bored?” or “How do you keep from reverting back to the creamy crack?” Year 1 was a rough time in my natural period because I was still finding things out and still learning my hair after the horrible years of torture I had been putting it through. However I can note that my implusive nature helped to keep me from reverting back to the torture. I simply love trying new and exciting styles and that’s the one way that I avoid natural hair boredom.

However if you aren’t implusive like me and have a hard time switching from style to style rather quickly, I have located a few tips that will help to avoid boredom.
The following tips are from

Set Healthy Scalp Goals. Hair scalp health is crucial to healthy hair. If you have dry scalp and/or your scalp tends to flake a lot invest time in learning your scalp and treating it. Research different scalp treatments and things that you can do internally to help, too.

Set Hair Length Goals. I’ve never set a hair goal BUT now that I’ve hit BSL (bra strap length) I wouldn’t mind shooting for waist-length. Wouldn’t that be something…? Set a realistic hair length goal for yourself. But, keep in mind that length for most people is hereditary and length retention can play a major part in how long your hair is or appears to be.

Try New Styles. You have to experiment with your hair. If you’re not good at something, take a little extra time to practice. Once you perfect it, you will feel even better and have additional options when you style.

Get a Protective Style. Hide it and forget it! Whether it’s a weave or box braids (check out the different options I shared recently here), it can be really nice to have a semi-permanent change.

Get Color. Now I know color isn’t for everyone but if you have been thinking about it, DO IT! Make sure you get a professional to do it, if you’re not licensed.

Get a Cut. If you don’t have a length goal and you’ve been eyeing a new fierce cut go for it. You’ll feel sassy and enjoy a new change.

Ask Other Naturals. When all else fails, ask for help. That’s what I do. Maybe a natural curlfriend of yours can suggest something you haven’t thought of. If you don’t have a natural curlfriend, ask your favorite blogger. Tag them on twitter or post a question on an Instagram pic. We’re always happy to help.


Any other tips? Be sure to comment below.

Peace and Love ❤


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