Fitness & Mindset Coaching


So my madre is embarking on a new journey in her life and has decided to test out her new skills on a few willing victims. Lol. She intersted in becoming a fitness and mindset coach and I must say I truly endorse it. My mom is the most dedicated person I know. I envy how dedicated she is, because once she sets her mind to something she’s all in…100% or nothing. With that being said she is still human folks. (although I don’t think so)

But she is testing out a 4 week fitness coaching and I have decided to partake, although after reading over these rules I don’t know why I volunteered. Lol just kidding. I think I can give up alcohol for a month.

I will be sure to post all my starting pictures along with my blog posts about how the process is going. I’m excited to getting back to eating clean. Life was great during that period, lol. Secondly, I’m getting back into the gym! YES LORD. It has been long overdue and I am so freaking excited to get back to training 2x a week and running 1x a week.

Lastly, I’m getting back to green smoothies and boy do I miss them. So I’m going to create a separate page that will include all of my favorite green smoothies and their recipes.

My mom also came up with a great idea to post intentions instead of goals. I personally think this is an awesome idea. So this is what I INTEND to do regarding fitness in 2014:
-Lose 5 pounds
-Remain consistent with working out & eating healthy
-Run in a 5k

Of course I will add to these as the year goes along but that’s it! I’m excited to see the results of this 4 week journey.
Peace and Love ❀


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