PSC: Jumbo Braids

Alright so I’ve had this style for about a week so and I absolutely love it. It was a style derived from this photo:


I had stumbled upon this photo on one of my many Instagram sprees after taking out my faux locs, I was really feeling short braids at that moment and decided to share this photo with my stylist. Now normally I do my own hair but I didn’t want to mess these up so I hit up my stylist. She was reluctant at first but decided to do them anyway, because I’m stubborn lol.

We used about 10 bags of braiding hair and it took about 2.5 hours to complete. She also made them shoulder length because my own hair is longer than the style in the picture. Here is the final result:

Finished Project

Now that the braids have loosened up I’m free to do more styles and I love these. The only problem I face is that since we cut the braiding hair, odd little pieces stick out and when I cut them they are causing the braids to loosen up. I’m hoping to keep these until MLK Day or the 18th or 19th then I will either install some yarn braids or mini twists. I haven’t fully decided just yet or I might even get some straight back braids lol. My mind is constantly racing so I normally decide the DAY OF.

Protective Style

Peace and Love


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