Clean Eating & Green Smoothies

Hello all,

So I’m back on my clean eating journey and I must say boy have I missed it. I’m back to eating 4 or 5 small meals a day and drinking 3 liters of water. Tonight’s dinner consisted of shell less taco salad.
I replaced ground beef with ground turkey, opted for no shell and lastly swapped out sour cream with greek yogurt. I also included sauteed green pepper, onions and salsa.

taco salad

By the way excuse the sloppiness of the bowl lmao. But this was amazing, I have to thank my mother for this lovely recipe.

Secondly, I’ve become slightly obsessed with green smoothies.I’m tempted to do a favorite green smoothie of the month page just so I can share some of my favorites with you all. But tonight I made a Vanilla Mango Spinach green smoothie.

green smoothie

Can I just say that this is delicious? It is so light and refreshing. I also even got my son and my grandparents to drink some and they are hooked. If you’re interested in this recipe it can be found here –>

My lunch is packed and my gym bag is ready for tomorrow.
Have a great evening everyone and to my east coast folks, stay warm.
Peace and Love ❀


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