Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em: Top Trends of 2013

Okay, we are well in to 2014 and after reading this article over at Naturally Curly, I’d figured I’d share with you all the top natural hair trends in 2013. Although I like to stay away from trends and fads just because I like doing my own thing, but some of these trends are just so beautiful that I had to share.

Now of course the following list doesn’t include everything, so feel free to comment any trends that you think were missed or ones that you think need to be amplified.

Shall we begin?

Top Knot Bun

The perfect lazy hair day, my twistout isn’t working style. This could be achieved with your own tresses or extensions. I know I attempted a few top knot buns over the past year. Here are a few images I’ve found on the interwebs, all photos are taken from Google.


top buns


Hair Chalk
Quite an interesting trend. For those ladies who are looking to add a little color to their strands and have committment issues like myself, then hair chalking is perfect for you. This is one trend I will definitely be attempting during summer of 2014. Interested in more information about hair chalk…check out this article.

hair chalk 2

hair chalk

hair chalk 3

Shaved Sides
Now this is one trend that I hope gets left in 2013. It seems like everyone and their grandma, yes their grandma was shaving their sides. At first it was an intriguing trend, that caught my eye. But after the one millionth girl did it two weeks later, I was over it. I will say this, I was throwing around the possibility of an undercut just because I wanted to do something different with my hurr, but that quickly faded. Who am I to judge though? To each its own I guess.

shaved sides

shaved sides 2

shaved sides 3

Ombre Hair
So I’m not sure if ombre was in during 2012 and just rolled over in to 2013 or if it began in 2013. I can’t really remember. However, this also needs left in 2013 well more so the technique needs to be perfected. I’m over seeing 1B hurr clashing with a poorly dyed blonde half. LADIES!! Please do your research, if you can not do it then reach out to a stylist. But again, I’m not GOD and shall not judge other ladies hair choices.

ombre 2

ombre 3


Havana/Marley/Yarn Twists

Probably one of my favorite from 2013, TWISTS. I absolutely love twists. They are just so easy to manage and great for length retention. I’ve executed all of the listed twist styles and even am a fan of two strand twists and mini twist on my own hurr. I’m gearing up to install some Havana twists in the next few weeks, be sure to look out for that post.








What were some of your favorites from 2013? What didn’t you enjoy?
Peace and Love ❀


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