Reflect on It


My plan was initally to post this on Sunday, but I was busy twisting my hair and was stuck in tax training all day that by the time I finished twisting my hair I was in the bed.


But anywho, I’m going to reflect on the past week both physically and professionally. I’m also going to devote this time to create weekly goals that relate to my professional, personal and physical areas of my life.


First up, phyiscally. I previously posted about my mother embarking on this new journey in her life and how I was going to be apart of it by basically being a guinea pig. So Sunday kicked off the beginning of my 4 week rejuvenation as well as my journey back to clean eating land. I was able to get in two workouts last week, one at home because I had overslept and the second one was at the gym with my momma and my trainer. Let’s just say my body was not ready for the training, I was sore for TWO whole days. Yeah…lol but nonetheless I’m happy to be back and excited to see the changes that will occur.



Personally, life has been great. I have just been taking things one day at a time. My initial problem was that I was living in the future, imagining what my life would be like instead of savoring these current victories and defeats. I’m enjoying watching Dhani grow into this wonderful little man, plus did I mention he will be 6 next month. I don’t know where the time has went but yeah I’m about to have a 6 year old…please pray for me. Nah but I’ve been using this time to enjoy myself, flaws and all. I know God has a plan and I’m not rushing it.



Professionally, this week was amazing. I was invitied to Pittsburgh’s newest mayor, Bill Peduto’s innaguration party. It was a wonderful event that took place during the polar vortex. I nearly froze to death walking from my car to the event, yet my cousin Ashley and I had a great time. I had to pass on the FREE LIQUOR because of the promise I made to my momma and boy was that hard. All this free beer and wine floating around and I couldn’t get one sip. Yet, I was able to make some great connections and meet wonderful people. I was honored to be invited.

Secondly, I’m volunteering to be a tax preparer for low income families and let me tell you this, TAXES ARE NO JOKE. I give it to all you accountants out there, this mess is confusing! I had to sit through two full 8 hours days of training and I’m still slightly confused. However, this is such a great cause and a way to ensure that low income families will recieve the financial funding that is afforded to them. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and need your taxes done, come see me at Just Harvest on the Southside on Monday evenings from 5 – 8. 

So my weekly goals:

Personally: iron all of Dhani’s clothes for the whole week. (this is a hard thing for me to do but it will save so much time in the morning)

Professionally: complete potential Grad School spreadsheet.

Physically: plan meals for a whole week.

That’s it! I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will.

Peace and Love ❤ 


One thought on “Reflect on It

  1. The famous Bill Crosby once said, “It isn’t a matter of black is beautiful, as much as it is that… white is not all that’s beautiful.” I hope that his words speak to your hurting heart of acceptance. My goal in this life is not to redefine beauty, but to change what it’s built on. My blog series, is in hopes that we can all see that our black, white, yellow, green, pink, orange, and every color in between has beauty of its own.

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