Product Wish List

Hey all!

So even after my BF haul, I’m still looking to add even more products to my stash! Crazy right?! Yeah I know, the inner PJ is dying to come out. However to help curb my curiousity I’m just going to make a wish list of products/companies that I want to try.

I’m looking to move more towards ayurvedic products so most of these products will be from companies who include ayurvedic powders and products in their products. My list is as follows:

komaza care

Komaza Care

Products Wish List
1. Califa Care Kit (3 2oz items)
-Califa Leave In
-Califa Moisturizing Spray
-Califa Moisturizing Cream

2. Aloe My Hair Kit (3 2oz items)
-Aloe My Hair Moisturizing Spray
-Aloe My Hair Leave-In Conditioner
-Aloe My Hair Frizz Control


Ynobe Shop

Now there has been some shipping drama with this company during holiday sales, but I mean that is to be expected with smaller companies and the powerful word of mouth on hair forums. I’m going to continue to watch this company but will most definitely NOT order during a sale.

Product Wish List
1.Ynobe Wash Day Set
-Ynobe Pre-Poo Treat
-Shampoo Bars
-Amla & Nettle Moisturizing Deep Conditioner
2. Try Me Set
-Silky Shea Cream
-Green Tea and Aloe Hydrating Dew
-Hibiscus & Marshmallow Leave In
-Lemongrass & Avocado Flaxseed Smooth-ie
3. Double Butter Cream

Well that’s it for now. I’m pretty sure I will be adding to this list in the future. Do you all have any products you are dying to try?

Peace & Love ❀


4 thoughts on “Product Wish List

  1. For the longest time, I’d been LIVING for some Qhemet Biologics. I finally got it during those Cyber Monday sales. It was everything I needed and more. Moisture for days. No joke. I’ve actually gotten a bit lazy with my hair since it’s so moisturizing.

      1. I’ve tried the burdock root buttercream which I love. It’s a good styler & great for moisture.
        I’ve also tried the olive and honey hydrating balm. I absolutely love this. It provides great moisture and my twists and twist outs are always great.

        I want to try the aethiopika hydrate and twist butter, Amla and olive heavy cream & cocoa tree detangling ghee.

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