Product Line Review: Dominique’s Best


It’s time for another product line review. This time I’m reviewing a few products from a line called Dominique’s Best. I won these products in Classy Curlies, Holiday Giveaway and I just want to say thanks for picking my name Victoria lol.

First up a bit of info about the company:

Business Name: Dominique’s Best
Connect here : Facebook-Dominique’s Enterprise LLC Twitter-@DominiquesBest

The following questions/answers are from interview of Miss Rochelle.

How long has your company been around? What made you start your own business?
I have been in business for 15+ years. I believe I was led by God to step out on faith to start my own business. I’ve worked in Corporate America in the marketing field for many years building successful multi-million dollar territories. I remember feeling successful on one hand and unsatisfied on the other hand. So I began praying to God to use me to a higher level. After waiting for God’s directive, He led me out of the corporate world to do Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy has been a major platform to help people feel better on all levels. Also, five years ago, this career has allowed me to expand my aromatherapy hair and body care line with many opportunities to speak publicly about the importance of good health and wellness.

What type of services/products do you offer?
Dominique’s Enterprise LLC has (3) Successful Divisions: *I have been a Certified Massage Therapist for 15+ years
Services Include: Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue and Stone Massage plus additional Body Treatments *Maker of Aromatherapy Hair and Body Care Products
From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, products made with “you in mind.” Available At:
Good Earth Store (Broadripple) 6350 Guildford Ave. Indpls, IN 46220 Office Location: 1717 W. 86th St., Suite 110 Indpls, IN 46260
*Inspirational Public Speaker If your church, business or organization needs a dynamic speaker who can inspire you to live more productively (health, finances, business or personal issues), please contact me. Some Available Topics: “Going from Distractions to Destiny” or “Get Your Mind Ready”

What makes your products differ from others?
I have been a successful Massage Therapist for many years and I understand the affects of stress on the scalp, hair and skin. Also, I have incorporated recipes from my mom, a former Cosmetologist, who I helped make a hair dress for people who had scalp conditions (hair loss, hair shedding etc) when I was a child. Therefore, I coupled all my knowledge to make the finest aromatic and healthy products from nature to help soften, moisturize and protect your hair and skin.

If you all are interested in any hair or body products, or massage therapy treatments, her contact information is below.

Dominique’s Enterprise LLC1717 W. 86th Street, Suite 110Indianapolis, IN 46260(317) 879-1599


Alright I won 5 products in total they were:
-Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo
-Shea Butter Conditioner
-Jojoba Hair Oil
-Shea Dream Orange Vanilla Body Butter
-Lavender Bath/Body Oil

I will add that the products came perfectly packaged and both Dominique and Victoria followed up with me making sure that I had received the products and even sent their personal business cards and personal notes. I’m a lover of small things and I really enjoyed those personal touches.

Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo
Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

14.00 for 8 ounces

What it contains:
Purified water, shea butter, vitamin e, lavender and rosemary

What it claims to do:
Soften, clean and moisturize hair

Cleanse hair

My Review:
So I’m pretty in love with my shampoo bar so I was a little hesitant to try this shampoo. However I did not let that stop me from using this product. I will say that this shampoo is very moisturizing and it did cleanse my hair, also it lathered pretty quickly. With that being said, a little does go a long way. Also, there was no distinct smell which was a plus for those who are sensitive to certain smells. However, I did notice a few tangles after washing the shampoo out. I wouldn’t repurchase because I’ve already found a shampoo that I love so I don’t see the need to add more shampoo to my stash.

Shea Butter Conditioner:
Shea Butter Conditioner

14.00 for 8 ounces

What it contains:
Purified water, natural shea butter, bergamot and vanilla oils

What it claims to do:
Moisturize the hair shaft, stimulates the scalp and fights frizz

As an instant or deep conditioner after washing

My Review:
This conditioner did moisturize my hair, I’m not too sure if it helped fight frizz because I installed mini twists shortly after and those always frizz up no matter what lol. But smell wise, it doesn’t really smell like much, I can definitely make out the vanilla oils but other than that, just like the shampoo it didn’t have a powerful smell. The conditioner was nice and thick which was a plus. I also noticed there was absolutely NO SLIP. I mean detangling with this conditioner was a pain in my rear end. I usually like conditioners to have slip but sadly this didn’t. However I will say that after rinsing out the conditioner my hair was very soft and moisturized which could cause this to be a repurchase. Maybe I will add a few items to the conditioner to help with the no slip.

Jojoba Botanical Hair Oil:
Jojoba Botanical Hair Oil

10.00 for 2 ounces

What it contains:
Jojoba seed, lavender, rosemary and other botanical nut oils

What it claims to do:
Reduces hair dryness, stimulates the scalp and restores shine

A daily moisturizer, put a small amount into palms and work through hair. Can be used as a hot oil and scalp massage treatment.

My Review:
I haven’t used this oil a lot, besides using it in my LCO. I have to watch with the oil because it will cause my hair to be too oily. However, I’m using it on my sons hair in the morning. I do want to use it as a prepoo as well as a hot oil treatment. The price point scares me, so I probably won’t repurchase this oil.

Now for the body products:

Lavender Bath/Body Oil:

Bath and Body Oils

12.00 for 5 ounces

What it contains:
A blend of sweet almond and jojoba oils infused with lavender oil

What it claims:
Moisturize and soften the skin

Bath: Add 2-3 tablespoons under running water and submerge yourself in a relaxing and aromatic bath.
Body: Apply to wet or dry skin

My Review:
I LOVE this oil. I usually apply it after a shower and end up smelling amazing. I apply the shea dream body butter first and then apply the oil on top and I’m set for the rest of the day. This will definitely be a repurchase. I also noticed on her site that she has a bunch of other scents that I’m interested in trying.

Shea Dream Body Butter in Orange Vanilla Scent:

Shea Dream Body Butters

10.00 for 4 ounces

What it contains:
Natural shea butter, vitamin e, beeswax, coconut, orange and vanilla oils

What it claims to do:
Moisturize and repair dry skin

As a skin moisturizer

My Review:
Can I just say that this product is the truth? I mean this is exactly what I have been looking for in a body butter. The smell is amazing and it provides excellent moisture. As previously stated I pair this butter with the body oil and end up smelling amazing. The orange vanilla scent is great, there is a second scent, Mango Grapefruit but I’m hooked on the orange vanilla that I probably won’t purchase that one.

Overall, I’m happy that I was able to win these products. There are a few other hair products that I want to try from her line and I’ll be sure to review those as well.

Have a great Sunday!
Peace and Love ❤


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