PSC: Medium Mini Twists?

This shall be my last post of the evening, but it’s regarding my latest set of twists that I recently installed earlier today. 

After washing my hair and letting it semi air dry over night (oh low porosity how I loathe thee) I woke up this morning and installed my latest set of twists. I had ran across a picture on pinterest and they were exactly how I wanted to do my hair.
photo (5)

I haven’t done flat twists in FOREVER and I must admit I was a tad bit hesitant but I just sucked it up and pushed on.

Here are the products I used to complete this look:

products used

Can I say that this is one of my favorite product combinations for twists? My hair is very juicy and so freaking soft. I untwisted one of my twists and I have banging definition. I can’t wait for the summer to do twist outs and braid outs with this winning combination.

But this style is perfect for my active lifestyle because it allows me to easily pull my twists up in a bun when working out and then I can easily access my scalp to do scalp massages and to even shampoo when needed. My plan is to keep these for two weeks and then take them down and retwist my hair again. I’m hoping to continue with my mini twists series for the rest of February as well and then I will install yarn twists for my trip to New Orleans in March. I am absolutely loving the ease of mini twists, well medium mini twists. I can just wake up, pull them into a bun and go, moisturizing when needed.


Peace and Love ❤


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