Reflect on It


Happy Sunday yall!!

So I’m trying to remain consistent with these Sunday reflections and making my weekly goals with that being said let us begin.

This week has been great so far in the personal arena. I’ve been on this natural high as of late and this week and it only continued to grow this week. I don’t want to list every detail because I hate jinxing things so I’m going to let things settle for a few weeks and then I will announce it to everyone. I do think however I want to grow a bit more personally by remaining constant with blogging about daily things, just as a way to document every single thing that I encounter both the good and the bad.

My goal for my personal life is to begin jotting down my personal accomplishments and failures once a week and putting them in a mason jar or some other type of container as a means of reference when I’m feeling down or as a reminder that I was able to overcome that personal defeat.

So this week I was able to do service with Habitat for Humanity on MLK Day and was invited to Coro Pittsburgh’s Diversity awards where local change agents were being honored. Can I just say how exciting and refreshing it was to attend an event filled with like minded people? Everyone there were dedicated to change and wouldn’t stop until they were able to witness that change. I was able to network with some amazing people and of course it motivated me to continue with my fight for women and children.

My goal for my professional life is to build upon those connections that I made. I want to contact one of the people I met with and interview them regarding their background and their path to change agents.


Last week was great in terms of visiting the gym, despite having to rearrange a few gym days due to the brutal Pittsburgh weather. However, I have been slacking in terms of my clean eating. I need to get back on track with meal planning.

This isn’t really a goal but I’m going to add another gym day to my schedule and get back to meal planning and clean eating. Because if I don’t, all this working out won’t change a thing.

So that’s it. How was everyone’s week?
Peace and Love ❀


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