Best Rap Album: Macklemore?

Photo Credit: CbsNews

So by now the Grammy 2014 winners have sunk in and plenty are still questioning one of the four Grammy’s Macklemore took home, Best Rap Album of the year.

Countless fans have been in an up roar since Sunday, how has Macklemore, who is best none for “Thrift Shop” beat out Yeezy, Jay, Drake & Kendrick for Best Rap Album of The Year. Β 

Despite Macklemore’s winning, he still felt the need to apologize to Lamar through text, stating that “You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have .” and even posting that text on IG…(publicity stunt?)

“I’m honored and completely blown away to win anything much less 4 Grammys,” he told fans in the photo’s caption. “But in that category, [Lamar] should have won [in my opinion].

I have listened to countless debates over the outcome of this category and I’m still shocked that Macklemore won but don’t necessarily disagree. Β I respect Macklemore for being an advocate for the LBGTQIA community and being a rapper. However, I do not necessarily agree that he should’ve won but hey who am I?

Thoughts? Do you think Lamar was robbed? Do you think that Macklemore’s posting of his text to Lamar was a publicity stunt?

Let me know!


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