FUBU Natural Hair Products?

Yes, that title is correct. Our old friend FUBU has popped up on the natural hair scene and has created a few products for both men and women. I’m guessing Daymond realized how much money natural hair women spend on products a year and decided he wanted in on the action. Eh…I don’t blame him. If I had the time to create my own product line, I would! But any way let’s discuss these products, shall we?fubu

Now first and foremost, I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank and I love watching how Daymond helps young entrepreneurs build their brands as he so successfully did with FUBU over 22 years ago. Like I previously stated, I think he caught wind of just how much natural hair product companies are making and like any business mogul, decided to take a leap of faith. Daymond has named his line, Natural Style by Fubu…very creative LMAO.

Women’s Collection:

The women’s collection contains a gentle shampoo, leave – in conditioner, a combined deep conditioner and co-wash, a curl elongator, curl-defining gel, flat iron heath protectant spray, and a miracle must have treatment. 

It looks like each product is 100% paraben & sulfate free and they all contain the Miracle 9 complex which contains:

organic shea butter

sweet almond oil

virgin olive oil

bamboo oil

jojoba oil

argan oil

avocado oil

virgin coconut oil

pomegranate seed oil

I must say the Miracle Must Have looks rather interesting, it does claim to increase protein so  I’m guessing this is some sort of protein treatment, so sorry for you ladies who don’t mesh well with protein. However .5 FL samples are being offered for free for the deep conditioner, the gel and the curl elongator, yet you are expected to pay for shipping, which is only a $1.

Men’s Collection

The men’s collection is also 100% paraben and sulfate free and it looks like each product contains:

organic shea butter

virgin olive oil

tea tree oil

argan oil

The products in the men’s collection include, 3-n-1 cleansing wash, 3-n-1 oil moisturizing lotion and the 3-n-1 pomade. The oil moisturizing lotion is very intriguing. An oil lotion just doesn’t seem possible to me but hey what do I know. Sadly, only the 3-n-1 cleansing wash is currently being offered as a sample.

However, if you are interested in any of the products that aren’t included in the samples, according to the website Natural Style by FUBU is currently being sold at local BSS and soon they will be featured at select Walgreens.

What are your thoughts? I might scoop one of those samples just to see what FUBU is working with.

Visit the website to learn more information about these products —> http://naturalstylebyfubu.com


Peace and Love ❤


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