Hello February!

Hello loves!! I know I’m a day late but whatever! I’ve been so freaking busy that I haven’t been able to blog. But since this Superbowl game is one sided, it’s the perfect time to blog. First and foremost how freaking amazing was the half time show. Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno Mars SHUT IT DOWN.ย 

Anywho, I’m currently DC with Texture Me Natural’s Condition me Softly while watching the Super Bowl. But since it is now February it’s time to do my length check.ย 

Here’s a quick picture:


My shirt says BSL Class of 2014..yep I’m claiming reaching my goal this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, excuse the quality of the quality of the measurement picture using the shirt, my son was multitasking when I asked him to take the picture. But it’s true to where my back is..9 inches. I’m hoping to reach 12 inches by the end of the year.

And here are the lengths:

Front – 12.5 inches

L Side – 10 inches

R Side – 10 inchesย 

Back – 9 inches ( I cut off a few inches of dead hair halfway through January)

Middle – 10.5 inches


My right side has finally caught back up with my left side and my front is continuing to grow at crazy speeds. It grew about an inch since my last length check. I will continue to do what I’m doing, I may start doing scalp massages in my back and middle to help spark some growth in those areas. But that’s it for now, I’m off to wash out this deep conditioner and retwist my twists. I shall be back with a review on my Texture Me Natural Products.


Peace and Love โค



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