Beauty Review: B.A.S.K. Body Products

ImageHappy Thursday everyone! Friday is right around the corner…yippee!

Today’s post is dedicated to two of my new favorite body products from the company B.A.S.K which stands for Beauty Assortment for the Sun Kissed. Now, I’m quite sure like everyone else on the east coast, Pittsburgh has been dealing with some terrible COLD winter weather. I mean I usally amp up my use of cream based body products in the winter but this winter has caused me to go in to over drive.

I picked up these two babies when B.A.S.K. was having a major sale due to the discontinuation of some products or something like that. So I headed over to the site and picked up the Condensed Custard in the Lemon Beignet scent and the Plaintain Spice Warming Butter. I believe I paid about 23 dollars for both products including shipping. Upon looking at the site, I’ve noticed that both of these products are sadly no longer listed. Le Sigh 

Anywho I did receive these products in a timely fashion and they arrived rock solid due to the Polar Vortex that was invading Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. Yet after a few hours in my lovely warm room they softened right up. I’ve been using both of these products for the past few weeks and I am absolutely loving them.

First up, The Condensed Custard in the Lemon Beignet scent. Let me first say that the scent of this is AH-MAZING! It totally reminds me of lemon meringue pie and I often think this is edible..yikes! But it’s definitely the more creamier of the two products I picked up. It provides great moisture and it causes me to constantly sniff myself throughout the day because it smells that darn good. I have read that other bloggers have used this custard in their hair, however I know my low po diva of tresses will probably not cooperate because this custard is just too darn thick. I will however give it a try with the use of my steamer or use it with heat to see if that will help the product to penetrate my strands a little better.

Next was the Plaintain Spice Warming Body Butter, sounds delightful right? I believe this too was being discountinued or maybe it was a seasonal product (which would totally make sense) lol but I sadly don’t remember. Anywho this product is much more oil based than the condensed custard. Meaning when I rub the product in my hands and on my skin it immediately turns in to an oil which is a huge plus. I often use this on top of a cream based body product, just to be sure that I’m locking the moisture in. I have not used the two products together just for fear of creating a weird aroma. I mean the Plaintain Spice reminds me of nutmeg, it has a very nutty aroma to it, perfect for the fall. Again with this one, I haven’t tried it on my hair just yet but I think if I were it would be used as an sealer because of the oil based products it contains.

Overall I love both of the products and look forward to picking up a few more of B.A.S.K’s beauty products, such as the whipped custard version of the Lemon Beignet and the truffle butter chocolate body butter…yum doesn’t that just sound delactable?

Have you all tried any B.A.S.K. body products? What were your thoughts? Any favorites?

Peace and Love ❤  


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