Beauty Review: Cream & Coco Pink Cookie Soap

Yes yall this post is exactly what it sounds like.

So since I’m working from home due to the snow, I figured it be the perfect time to knock out some of these posts that I’ve been meaning to get to. So first up will be a beauty related post. I had purchased a few lady soaps from Cream and Coco during her BF sale and so far I’ve only been able to test one, which is the Pink Cookie Soap.

Currently Cream and Coco website is down due to her opening up a brick and mortar store so I had to check my Paypal invoice to figure out the price of the soap.  So a 5.5 oz bar costs $5.25.. amazing right?

Since I’m moving away from store bought soaps and more towards natural body products I decided to do a little research. I’ve been reading and watching countless YouTube videos regarding Pink Cookie stating how amazing it is and how it works. Of course the PJ in me caused me to jump on the nearest sale to purchase both of C&C’s lady soaps.

Not only is my lady parts very sensitive but usually everything breaks me out and not to mention I HATE BARS OF SOAP. So I pretty much went in to this with a negative thought.

Displaying photo.JPG

Price: $5.25 for 5.5 oz

What it contains: 

  • Saponified Oils of Soybean and Coconut
  • Olive Oil
  • Soy Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Rhassoul Clay
  • Organic Greek Yogurt
  • Vinegar

What it claims to do: Since the website is down, I’m just going to include what le Google has been telling me.. all day clean feeling. Smelling and feeling fresh. Really works. I only use Pink Cookie exclusively. You must try it.

How to Use: Use water and apply to your lady parts lol.

My review: Sooo this soap is thee BOMB. It actually does what le Google has been telling me. It left me feeling fresh and clean and no allergic reaction over this way. Also, I think the yogurt and vinegar have helped maintain my PH balance…HUGE plus. Not to mention it lathers well also I was able to shave…ANOTHER HUGE plus. My only gripe with the product is that the soap was very soft when I received it. Not sure if it was allowed to set long enough but every soap I have received from C&C has been soft. However the price is enough to keep me buying.

Random disclaimer: C&C has terrible shipping times if you order during a sale. :-/ and at times her customer service can be questionable. I just wanted to say DO YOUR RESEARCH and if you need the soaps right away don’t order during a sale..if you do STOCK UP.

I did purchase another soap which I will be testing once I finish up with this PC. However, since I’m on this lady parts natural soap kick, I’ve decided to do a Lady Parts Challenge. I’ve purchased a few of lady parts soaps to test out and will be sure to report my findings.

Peace & Love ❤


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