Leo Love

Hi love bugsss!

So my love life or rather my relationship life has been quite interesting these past few months and I needed a space to lay out my thoughts and just reflect on how things have been going so why not make it a blog post right?

Moving right along, I’ve always been fascinated ok maybe obsessed with all things that have to do with astrology. Case in point, my web address for my blog. I love reading everything from characteritics to compatibilities of each and every sign. In fact, whenever I meet someone new I’m always asking “When is your birthday” or “What is your sign?” just so I can go stalk whatever details pertaining to their signs. Sadly I even do that when it comes to my friends and their newly formed relationships…lol I know they get sick and tired of me asking “oh what’s his sign” lol I never ask if he has kids or heck even a job lmao. I mean I know it sounds crazy butΒ I often believe most of the compatiability stuff.. eek I know.

But anyway, I know a few months ago I was talking about being single and enjoying it but idk if you know this but :

The Lions are always admired for their kindness and helpful nature. Big-hearted that they are, the Leo graciously shower love and affection on people. (http://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/leo/leo-traits.action)

So with that being said, I feel this huge emptiness at times when I’m not showering love and affection onto others. Don’t get me wrong, Dhani gets all my love but he’s my child and not my partner. Even though if you ask him he’s my MAN..but that’s a whole other post for a different day lol. Warning: Leo’s can also become very possessive and jealous of the people they love, we love to give but SHARING is a huge problem.

Sharing..yuckkk! I’ve always had a problem with that darn word..even since a young leo sharing was always a tough concept for me to understand. I mean I have no problem giving someone the shirt off of my back but if they me to SHARE something with them…no way no sir, that’s when the resistance occurs. Sharing has also always been a huge problem for me in relationships. I don’t mean to sound selfish but I used to never want to share my time with my significant other with anyone else..my poor ugly leo head would instantly show itself and I would immediately begin to act childish. Now I can proudly say, I’m slowly changing from my old ways and allowing the possibility of sharing but hold your appluse, I’m not fully possessive free lol.

But anyway enough about my past, let us talk about now shall we? As previously mentioned, I’m feeling a void at times that I can’t do nice things for my guy or even have someone to give all of my love too. I’m a huge hopeless romantic guys, I love all things sappy. Yet here is another Leo fun fact:

When in Love : Leos are supremely ardent, affectionate, loving and amorous. They love pampering their loved ones with open displays of affection, royal treatment, magnanimous gestures – you name it. But, also expect ample doses of praises and thank-yous in return. Although, they possess all the qualities of a great life partner, are extremely supportive, strong and benevolent, they can be very taxing as lovers. They prefer being in the driving seat in a relationship, and their pride, though overt and bountiful, is still very fragile. Leos make doting, proud partners, but in return from their partners they crave unfailing loyalty, strength of character, love bordering on to reverence, silent submission to their (often) raging temper and dominance.

You see that up there…LOVE PAMPERING THEIR LOVED ONES. lol Ignore all the other strong relationship stuff..haha because that is also true of me. I love being in command. Anyway, let me get back on track..pampering their loved ones. I just want to be pampered and pamper my boo…is that too much?

But back to me and my relationship arena. IDK what happened but out of no where I’ve met so many interesting men..and of course I stalked their signs against my leoness and some weren’t so great while others were amazing. Just because some words said that we weren’t meant to be, doesn’t mean I will completely write them off, however their sign does play a small role in my decision to continue after the first date. I mean some signs just rub me the wrong way and I know from jump that we won’t work out, others are usually good at hiding their true motives and it takes me a minute to weed them out.

Currently, my relationship arena has some major active players..a few aren’t compatiable and slowly but surely I’m starting to see why. A few are definitely compatiable but a part of me still adores my freedom..haha crazy I know. IDK I think I just need to take a leap of faith and make something happen. Especially with the one person who is like the ultimate match for me. I’ll be back to devote a post to whom I believe are compatiable with leo’s and to elaborate more on my relationship arena.

Peace and Love ❀


3 thoughts on “Leo Love

  1. Ugh! from one Leo to another I feel your pain girl. it can be hard balancing the need to give affection while answering your natural instincts to roam free..GREAT POST!

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