90 Day Fitness Challenge

Hello love bugsss!

So with spring being right around the corner, I’d figure it be the perfect time to start a 90 day fitness challenge. I have a few beach trips planned for summer 2k14 and I need my little 2 pack (according to Dhani *rolls eyes*) to be poppin. Plus, I’ve recently rediscovered my love for all things fit so it’s the perfect time. I found this picture on my favorite place, Pinterest and it helped inspire my motivation.




1. Reflection: I think the main thing that caused me to get off track were my excuses. When it comes to clean eating I just convince myself that if I ate one healthy meal then it wouldn’t matter if I ate two unhealthy ones. -_______- As for workouts I was slacking off to look at hair related forums..lol yes I know. In my eyes, it was far more important to read about the latest protective style or the latest natural hair product. LMAO..I know, I’m cray.

2.Make a New Meal Plan: So I’m obsessed with green smoothies and fish! So I’m going to follow Cassie Ho of Blogilates, 90 meal plan and replace one of the meals with a green smoothie. You can find the meal plan here –> http://www.blogilates.com/blogilates-90-day-challenge-meal-plan-workout-calendar/

3. Find Fitness You Will Look Forward To: So I’ve really been obsessed with my legs, shoulders and back lately so I’m looking forward to lifting 3x a week. Also, it is slowly but surely the weather is starting to get warmer in Pittsburgh so that means I can starting running outside again.

4.Set small and large goals: A secondary post will be dedicated to both my small and large goals.

5. Get Motivated: I’m going to dedicate a second post to my fitness motivation. It will include people who I personally know and others from IG and Facebook. Secondly, I’m going to use my blog as my motivation journal. I will dedicate a weekly Sunday post to update you all on my progress.

With that being said here are the simple (maybe) rules of my 90 day fitness challenge.

  • Challenge Runs from March 23rd-June 23rd
  • Workout 5-6x a week for one hour (mixture of cardio and strength training)
  • Put a $1 in your mason jar for every completed workout
  • Follow Blogilates 90 day meal plan
  • Drink 3L of water daily
  • No Alcohol (1 cheat day a month)
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Document your progress: Day 1, 30, 60, 90
  • Keep a motivation journal

And that’s it! Simple right? I think the no alcohol thing is going to be tough for these first 30 days because I simply love beer and wine! But I’m hoping to have about 75 dollars in my mason jar by the end of this journey. With that money I will probably purchase some new running shoes or treat myself to a lovely day at the spa. Now I’m sure my mother will have some input on this challenge so if she suggests that I change anything, I will back to update this post or I might just make a separate page and update that every so often.

I hope you all will join me with this challenge. If so comment below with your email address so we can keep in touch! I will be back tomorrow with my starting pictures, goals and my motivation posts!

Peace and Love ❀


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