Hairfinity Hiatus

Alright, so March is long gone and I totally forgot to update you all with measurements on my hair challenge. So over the weekend, I was watching a few YouTube Videos and I came across this one:

& all the things that she was pointing out have been happening to me lately. After taking out my yarn twists, my hair was shedding like CRAZY. Now I know that of course I was going to have some shed hair because my hair was in a protective style for about 5 weeks or so it was to be expected. However, after a few days or so my hair usually stops with the shedding but this time it didn’t. I took a look at a few products I was using and stopped using them and then came across this video. Watching this video made me realize that everything Lexie was pointing out was similar to my hair as well. Although, I was getting length my hair was starting to thin out a little in the front. So I made the decision to stop using hairfinity for a few months.

In rolls my newest hair vitamins, The Mane Choice. I had seen and read a bunch of reviews on these vitamins and decided to take the plunge during their free shipping sale and ordered 3 bottles worth of vitamins.



The owner @courtneynaturalhair on Instagram has lovely hair and offers other products including a deep conditioning mask and styling tools as well.



I’ve noticed a few differences between the two hair vitamins. The picture on the left is the mane choice label and the right is hairfinity:





There’s a difference in the amount of Vitamin C, D3, and a few others. I’m not sure if this will make any difference but those are just a few of the differences I noticed in the labels. So I’m hoping to get my hair straightened and my ends clipped this weekend so I will update you all with my measurements once I get them trimmed. However here is what I measured before getting my ends clipped:

Front – 11.5 inches

Back – 9 inches

Middle – 11 inches

Left – 10.5 inches

Right – 10.5 inches

& here is a starting picture:


I’m excited to see how my hair will transform in the next 90 days! Have a great day loves.

Peace and Love ❤


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