Week 2 Recap

Happy Tuesday everyone!

This post is going to be brief and to the point. Week 2 was great workout wise but my food choices were still all over the place. I would do excellent with my first 3 or 4 meals and then once it came time to coming home and eat, I would reach for cereal and fruit instead of a protein and veggies. Also, I went to the movies, the Pirate game and worked over the weekend and it caused quite a disturbance in my eating pattern. Still, I’m ok with the choices I did make, I know the eating part is going to be a struggle and I’m fine with that.

I’ve also made the decision to add another leg day to my workout schedule and to incorporate more leg exercises daily for the next two to three weeks of my challenge. I haven’t decided if it will be squats, wall sits, fire hydrants etc. Secondly, I’ve also decided to work on my core strength a lot more for the rest of the challenge. My core workout will consist of this:




Also, I typed up some goals for April and they are as follows:

April Goals


& here are my legs before my 3 week focus begins:

Legs 2 Legs

That’s it for now love bugs! Have a great Tuesday.

Peace and Love ❀


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