Define Bottle


I’m not sure if you all watch Shark Tank, but I for one am slightly obsessed with it.

Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered on ABC on August 9, 2009. It is the American version of the global Dragons’ Den franchise and features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of potential investors. Thanks Google.

Anyway I was watching Shark Tank when a young teenage boy came on and featured his Define Bottle, which was an uniquely designed bottle which was used to infuse your ordinary water with fruit. Cool right?

You can watch the episode here:


Define Bottle was created by Carter Kostler, a 15 year old 10th grader from Virginia Beach, Virginia who has taken childhood obsesity head on.


The Define Bottle is a beautifully-designed, eco-friendly water bottle that allows you to take delicious, nutrient-rich, fruit infused water to go. Allowing limitless combinations of fresh fruit, teas and herbs the bottle provides a great alternative to plain water and removes the temptation of sugary drinks. Available in four different variations, your options are endless when it comes to creating healthy, fresh fruit infused water! Give up your plain water habit and define what’s in your water bottle.

Sounds amazing right? So being the huge supporter of all healthy ideas, I ventured over to Define Bottle’s website and placed an order. Now of course I waited a few weeks to place my order because being on Shark Tank always seems to steer major traffic to the featured companies websites.


I ordered the Define Bottle Sport Flip Top-17 ounces which was originally 29.99 but was on sale for 26.00. I believe it was about 6 or 7 dollars for shipping and the product took FOREVER arrive.

Note: After checking his Facebook page I had learned that this particular bottle was still on backorder and they were offering a free upgrade or something to those customers who were still waiting. -___-

Anywho my package finally arrived like dis


It also included a little note and some instructions on the card.

I have used this bottle numerous times since receiving and love it. I’m planning on ordering one for my son next because he is slightly obsessed with mine and loves putting the fruit into the bottom and drinking his water.

The Define Bottle comes in other styles as well including a smaller 7 ounce bottle.

Be sure to check the website for all the different type of styles and Carter even included some of his favorite water infused recipes as a starting point.

Facebook Page which includes important updates.

Do any of you use a fruit infused water bottle? If so share? Also, do you have any favorite recipes to share?

Peace and Love ❤


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