Barre Bee Fit Pittsburgh

Happy Monday everyone!

This weekend for me, was amazing. I was able to cross off another task from my April goals list. Score!!!


For those of you who don’t know what my April goals were…here is a quick visual refresher.


Ta Da

So far a few things have been crossed off including the push-ups and living the #juglife


But with the conclusion of this weekend, I was able to cross off yet another thing,

Attending a Barre Fitness Class


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with finding other fun ways to add cardio to my fitness life and I came across Barre (pronounced Bar) classes on YouTube.

For those of you wondering what and how Barre Bee Fitness works read here:


Barre Bee Fit offers the highest-quality, most comprehensive group fitness program for women in a boutique studio setting, blending the ballet barre with superb choreography and outstanding classroom instruction to create maximum results. The Barre Bee Fit program is specially engineered to combine cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration through its variety of class formats, giving clients all the tools they need to meet and exceed their fitness goals.

Barre Bee Fit incorporates weights, kettlebells, and resistance training into the ever-changing choreographed routines to keep the mind engaged, the body challenged, and the results coming.

For all my visual homies, watch this:

They offer 8 different barre classes and each class can target specific body parts if you like, including the lovely legs and even a kickboxing style class. Class times vary to meet the needs of both the early birds like myself and you lovely night owls. I also believe that they are open 7 days a week.

Pricing for Pittsburgh is as follows:

Single Class $18
5 Pack of Classes $80
12 Pack of Classes $180
30 Pack of Classes $450
Monthly Unlimited $160
First Time Studio Visit $8
New Client Unlimited Month $80
Unlimited Monthly Membership (auto-pay) $130

& here are the student deals

Student Discount

– 15% off class packages

– $120 unlimited month

Must bring student ID to studio to receive student pricing.

So naturally my research lead me to my favorite site for deals, GROUPON, and of course there was a groupon for barre bee fit and I bought one. The deal was twenty something dollars or so for 3 classes.

I went to my first class over the weekend and it was the Interval Barre class taught by Jenna.

 photo 1

Class took place in this studio with the lights dimmed and some of today’s hottest tunes playing from an IPod.

 photo 2


We used both the weights and the balls during the workout and boy did they both aide in providing a great burn.

 photo 3 photo 4

So according to their website this is what the class consists of:

This 60-minute workout consists of two sections of toning bookended by two sets of high-intensity cardio intervals, combining the best of Barre-dio Interval and the toning work in Barre Bee. This class is designed to spike the heart rate, increase stamina, and strengthen muscles.

This explanation pretty much sums up my life during those 60 minutes. Can I just say that my lovely legs were BURNING 5 minutes in to the workout. In fact these babies are still store..shoot in fact where is that Alicia Keys meme at when you need it?


Why thank you Google. 



photo 2 (1) 

 (epic defeat face. I was worn out taking this.)


 photo 1 (1)

Overall the class was great and I can’t wait to attend another. We have quite a few Barre fitness studios here in Pittsburgh that are offering Groupons so I think after this Groupon is up, I’m going to try out a few more before I commit to a single one.

I ended my weekend with my favorite man watching one of America’s favorite past times. BASEBALL! I don’t know if I had mentioned this before, but I’m a huge baseball fan and an even bigger Pirates fan.


Have any of you ever tried Barre classes? Did you enjoy them? Comment below.


Peace and Love ❤



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