Mother May I?


Tee Hee.

All jokes aside, April is almost over people. We are now 5 days away from May and I’m getting excited. Why? Because that means it is time to set new fitness goals and reevaluate my April ones.

Naturally, I love to set goals and try my hardest to stick to them. By breaking them down into smaller goals, I’m able to remain focused and achieve more of my goals.

So before sharing my May goals, let me first go back over my April goals and see what I did and did not accomplish.


Sorry about the quality of this picture..but as you can see I pretty much accomplished everything I set out to do for the month of April. I kind of crossed out Eat Healthy because I still struggled with clean eating throughout this month.

I wasn’t able to find the perfect juice cleanse or find time in my ever changing schedule to try one out. I will probably attempt one in June when my schedule won’t be as hectic.

Lastly, I gave in to a night of alcohol a week ago and LORD was I feeling it. It took me a whole day to recover from the few drinks that I had. I will continue to not drink for the month of May except on Memorial Day when I will be out of town.

Also, I was able to focus on my legs more and will more than likely continue to focus on those as well for May.

Here are my May Goals:

May Goals

I hope you all can read them but if not here they are

Stretch More: I want to increase my flexibility so I will be focusing on stretching before, after and of course on my rest days.

Get Outdoors: Yes the weather is finally shaping up in Pittsburgh and I’m hoping to complete more of my cardio workouts outdoors, including playing on my job’s softball team and coaching my sons baseball team. Depending on my schedule, I’m also looking to start swimming twice a month.

Core Focus: I mean what girl isn’t obsessed with having a flat tummy? I know I for sure am so for the whole month of May I’m going to be focused on core building exercises including planks.

Fitness Video: I’m thinking about taping my mother or having her tape me while we complete some circuits just to help spice up my blog.

No Alcohol: Pretty self explanatory. As previously stated, I know I will have a drink or two during the Memorial Day holiday..along with cookout food which leads me to my next goal.

Work on Clean Eating: Same as April..I’m looking in to new and exciting menus so I won’t get bored and resort to the fried food gods. Lol but no overall I did pretty well during April with the clean eating.

WATER: I don’t know about you all but I’m a huge water fan. I mean I drink about a gallon and a half of water daily and don’t forget visit the restroom about a million plus. TMI?

20 Pushups: Being that I’m no longer in the female pushup club, I’m working on increasing the amount of male pushups that I can successfully complete without sacrficing my form. I’m currently at 11 lol but I know that by end of May 2014 I will be able to successfully do 20.

That’s it. Pretty simple and straight to the point. I hope to achieve all of these goals, by continuing with my strength training 3x a week and doing cardio for the other 2 days. I hope to continue with my clean eating goal by locating a specific meal plan that will fit my busy schedule and still allow me to select cheat meals throughout it.

With May right around the corner have you thought about your goals? What are they?

Peace and Love ❤


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