Tea by T: Final Review

14 days later

 Teatox 2

Guess what!? 14 days is UP. I mean where has the time gone?

So if you have been following me, I’ve been teatoxing with Tea By T and have been documenting my experience here and here.

Teatoxing is basically detoxing with tea, both a daytime tea and a night time “cleansing tea.”


Starting Weight: 130 lbs  129.8 lbs

Waist as of 4/20/14: 27.5 inches   27 inches

 TeaTox 1


photo 3 

My Experience:


I have noticed some more definition in my belly area…those cuts are slowly but surely coming. Also, my clothes are starting to fit much better. As previously stated, I was not looking to lose weight but rather looking for the experience.

I have not noticed this teatox suppressing my appetite however it did indeed increase my metabolism as well as cleansed my colon (TMI).

The tea was very easy to consume, I’ve never had a problem with herbal tea but if you do, you can always add milk or honey to help with the taste.

Day Time Tea



Night Time Tea


My energy levels have seemed to increase, I’m able to wake up at 5 AM a lot easier than before.

Packaging was great.

Shipping was fast and free, well at least if you live in the USA.

I think I might have noticed a much larger difference if I would’ve followed the meal guide. However, I am quite pleased with my results. I’m going to take a week break and then jump in to the next teatox that I have received.

Have a great Sunday!

Peace and Love ❤


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