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Hey yall! I know I haven’t been on here in a while and I’m mostly blaming my lack of blogging on work and baseball which have totally consumed my life. However, now that I have completed a major project, I have a lot more free time to blog!




Anywho, June is right around the corner which means I’m getting closer and closer to the completion of my 90 day challenge as well as closer to my vacay! So now is the perfect time to share with you all my goals for June and of course to provide some progress pics!

I have seriously slacked on increasing my flexibility this month. Initially I was doing Yoga poses before bed and then I just slowly stopped. I also wasn’t consistent with my teatox due to lack of prep and lack of sleep. However, one of my personal June goals is to remain consistent and focused.

June Goals

1. No Meat: I’m going to try out this vegetarian lifestyle for a whole month. I love meat but I have been doing great without it for the past few weeks. I have only been eating meat at random times.

2. Cup of Tea: As previously stated, I wasn’t consistent with my tea tox so I’m giving this another shot starting June 1st.

3. Workout 6x a week doing Cardio at least 2x: I used to love cardio but now I’m mainly focused on strength training. However, I know the type of body that I have and I know that cardio is imperative.

4.Flexible:Yeah I totally slacked in this department throughout May. Yet, I shall continue to focus on increasing my flexibility.

That’s it! I will share some progress pics later after I take some tomorrow morning.

How are you gearing up for June in the fitness department?

Peace and Love ❤


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