Summer Styles

   Warm weather has finally arrived in Pittsburgh and boy am I glad. I totally had to abandon my curls because they were getting too freaking annoying, hot and took forever to do in the morning so I’ve braided this mess up and will more than likely be rocking protective styles until my birthday in July.



Currently, I’m rocking some jumbo box braids which I absolutely LOVE. They are so freaking cute and easy to manage. The only thing I don’t really like about them are during my workouts. It gets kind of hard to workout with them but I manage. Also, my little man is photo bombing me per usual lol. But anywho I just wanted to share some of my favorite summer protective styles.

Box Braids

I absolutely love box braids! Whether they are small or large. These are probably one of my favorite go to styles. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with jumbo box braids and/or bob style braids. Here are a few of my favorite styles:


summer summer5 summer2 summer4



I’m also obsessed with twist styles, including my favorite havana, marley and my old favorite..two strand twists. I think I’m going to put in my faux locs towards the end of the summer just so I can have something easy that will last me in to the fall. Here are a few of my favorite twisted styles:







Now I haven’t had a weave in quite some time but I must admit I do miss BIG HAIR. Anywho here are a few of my favorite weave styles:





That’s all folks. What styles are you feeling for the summer?

Peace and Love ❤




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