Now that we are a few days into the month of June, I’d thought I would share some progress photo’s as well as my newest outlook on life and during this fitness journey.

but before we jump in to that I just wanted to make a small announcement that we are halfway done with 2014 and the best month of the year is NEXT!!


let me not get ahead of myself. anywho on to the progress pictures.

june june14

“Progress is a slow process”

I’m so impressed with how far my body has came. Yes indeed it has been a slow process but I’m not giving up. I can not wait to see myself a year from now. I’m shooting for some abs baby! Also, my V cuts are coming!!!

Secondly, my mother has been kicking my butt with her bootcamp. I’m so proud of her fitness journey and everything that she is creating. It’s only up from here and lord knows she’s going to continue to change lives and create healthy individuals.


Thirdly, can we just quickly talk about this lovely decision that I have made to go Vegetarian/Vegan. Now I haven’t fully made the transistion but I have decided to become a vegetarian first then move on to a vegan. I’m a little bit scared to become a vegan because I love CHEESE, however I have been informed that there is even vegan cheese so I shall give it a shot.  Anywho, I ordered a free vegan/vegetarian starter kit which should help with my transistion and once it arrives, I will be sure to share with everyone. In the meantime here is a cool infographic that depicts a few key facts about the vegan diet.


Did I mention that I’m already going through withdrawl? yeah this shall be very interesting. Any tips or comments from any seasoned vegans would be amazing! I’m looking for all the help I can get!

But that’s it for now. My 3 month challenge is drawing near and I’m eager to start a new challenge in which I will probably push myself a lot harder.

Peace and Love ❤


4 thoughts on “ReJUNEivate

  1. When I was in grad school and semi-vegetarian (i.e. no money for meat!), I accidentally found that incorporating mushrooms and spinach into my diet totally curbed my meat cravings. However, I will never be able to say goodbye to cheese… #cheeseyoucompleteme

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