Fitness Friday: Healthy Snacking? Let’s Graze!

 Now I know that today isn’t Friday but I forgot to post this due to me being on the road travelling for my family vacation..but here it is anyway!

Hey all! So I’m teaming up with some pretty cool natural divas over at and participating in their Fitness Friday series.

Any who, I’m sure everyone is familiar with subscription boxes and all the glam that comes along with them. However, I have never come across a box that was devoted to healthy snacking. In walks Graze.


What is Graze?

Graze is the largest and fastest growing healthy snacks subscription business in the world. We offer consumers personalized boxes of healthy treats delivered to their door. Founded by 7 friends in London, graze has become a household name in the UK and it has changed the way a generation of Brits snack. Since our launch in Sep 2013 we have grown at an extraordinary pace, with strong customer bases across the whole of the United States. The graze craze is now taking the country by storm……  (Source

So I stumbled upon a graze friendcode on Facebook that was offering your 1st and 5th box from graze for free and decided to take the plunge.

How Does Graze Work?

Just like with any other subscription service, Graze boxes are based off of your preference. They currently have two different box types to choose from:

Calorie Counter Box: Low Calorie Snacking – Over 50 healthy snacks to choose from, all snacks are between 50-150 calories


Nibble Box: Maximum Variety- Choose from over 90 of the tastiest natural nibbles

What’s really cool about graze is you can set your frequency to a box a week, bi monthly or however far out your little heart desires…all for just $6 which also includes shipping. Secondly, you are also able to go on their website after receiving your box and rate the snacks you received and ultimately semi creating a uniquely customized box.

So I received my first Graze box this past week and here’s what I received:

Boston baguettes

BBQ relish with tomato bread sticks


This was so yummy! I will def give this a love rating so I can get this a lot more.

Raspberry and coconut muffin

Amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes


Mississippi BBQ pistachios

Roasted pistachios with BBQ seasoning


Tropical daiquiri

Pineapple, green mange, and lime infused raisins


I love that each snack is perfectly packaged and can easily be thrown in my purse or lunch bag. I’m actually getting ready for a road trip and these babies are perfect and will allow me to avoid picking up gas station snacks.

My next box is set to ship next week so I will be sure to update you all on how everything tasted and what I will receive. If you are interested in trying out graze, you can use my unique friendcode which will allow you to get your first and fifth box free.

Just follow this link:

Peace and Love ❤


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