#FitnessFriday: 90 Day Check Up


I can’t believe that is has been almost 90 days since I have embarked on my latest fitness challenge. Time flies when you are having fun.

I’m excited because in the beginning it was really tough to get back on track because I was so set in my lazy morning ways. However, I stuck with it and have noticed some significant changes. First and foremost, my energy levels have drastically changed. I know notice, I have more engergy throughout the day after a good morning workout or even when I’m just eating healthy. Secondly, I have noticed a change in my little belly that I began with. It has definitely flattened out and now I’m working on cutting away at this fat.

I was able to accomplish a few of my goals, including my water intake and keeping up with working out 5-6 times a week. I wasn’t able to continue with my group page on facebook…but that’s not a huge concern. Also, I did stray away from my alcohol once a week goal during the month of April and May however, I have since slowed down and plan on keeping it that way.


So here is my belly progression! I’m super proud of myself and of course the help of my mother. I’m not starting to see definition in my stomach thanks to her tough workouts and my clean eating. Weight wise, I have been bouncing around between 128 and 129. I was able to get down to 125 but since then I have been gaining weight back in the form of muscles which is alright with me lol.



So what’s next?

Of course, I’m continuing on with this 90 day challenge. I’m the type of person that like to break down a huge goal into smaller goals so I will be attacking this fitness in smaller goals or 90 day challenges. So with this second half of 90 days, my mother has changed my workout schedule. My new schedule will look a  little like this:

Total Body Workouts – Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Cardio & Abs – 2 days a week

2 15-20 HIIT workouts

1 Full Rest Day

I do hope to up my cardio in the next 90 days.


Lol yeah.. I used to LOVE cardio but now I’m in love with lifting weights. However, I did notice a huge change last year when I was running and lifting. So this next 90 days, cardio will be a major part of the next 90 days. I also do hope to start taking more pictures of other body parts. Especially my arms, quads and my back..these are the body parts I’m most obsessed with lol.

However on the flip side, I have dropped meat out of my diet completely YAY!! lol so I’m excited to see how living this vegetarian lifestyle will effect my body.

So that’s it for now guys! See ya in the next 90 days.


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