Dating Dilemma’s



I actually find this meme quite funny. I know countless girls who have this “checklist” for the “Perfect Guy” and even when they find those qualities in someone they are dating and yet they still aren’t satisfied. Heck, I even had this problem before and ended a relationship prematurely solely on the fact that “he wasn’t what I wanted.”

However, lately it has made sense to me that sometimes what women LOOK for in a man is different from what they really WANT from a man. I mean sure, you can sit around and ponder all the characteristics that would your ideal guy would personify but what women notice in a man isn’t necessarily associated with what they will get from a man.


I’m pretty positive that you all have heard the line “Why do good girls like bad guys?” This new generation is highly fascinated with the “bad guy” image. Their “Perfect Guy” checklist may look a little like this


Wears Designer Clothes (i.e. Polo, Louis Vuitton)

Wears Jordans

Wears Flashy Jewelery

…yeah, no mention of financial stability or even an educated fellow. Usually this “bad guy” leads to heartbreak and failure and ends up creating a guy bashing female. 

However, my lovely single life has taught me that even dating the “good guy” has its cons. But first let’s take a look at the “good guy” checklist


Great Job

Wears Suits


Again, I have dated this “good guy” and still somehow ended up frustrated and disappointed due to the fact that this guy wasn’t providing me the necessary attention (hello, I’m a LEO) solely because he was focused on his future. I did admire his passion and determination for building his future yet I think it just wasn’t the perfect time for us to date and we went our separate ways.

I’m sure you are now asking yourself, well shoot if both the good and bad guy ends up not working out then WHO THE HECK DO I DATE? 


I wish I even had a clue of how to answer that question but that’s exactly where I am in my 26 years of living. I’ve been burned by both the bad and good guys and now I’m just dating…MEN. 

That’s right, I’m just dating. Enjoying myself while entertaining the thought of relationships. My list of expectations of finding the “perfect guy” has since changed from when I was younger. Although I still hold a few expectations at a higher value, if a guy is lacking in that area it will not automatically disqualify them. 

I frequently visit quite a few relationship blogs and came across this lovely advice for us women in the dating world:

My advice to women: don’t base what you are looking for on the outer representation of a man because you will never find what you are REALLY looking for. The real essence of a person is discovered with time and dedication. (

So ladies, with that being said go out and date. Do know what you want in a man but don’t solely rely on outer appearances. Never forget that men show you who they are right away, don’t ignore the warning signs.

Peace and Love ❤



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