Tea Rinse Challenge Anyone?

Hey yall!

Happy September! Can you believe that it will be 2015 in just 4 short months. Crazy right?

crazyAnyway, I’ve been noticing that my hair has been shedding like crazy for these past few months. I tried to combat it with cutting my hair shorter and although that worked for a little while, now that it’s growing out it’s beginning to shed AGAIN.Β 

After some internet natural hair research, I stumbled upon tea rinses for natural hair. Now I have heard of several naturals doing tea rinses to combat shedding and figured it be the perfect time to test this out before I put my hair away for the upcoming fall/winter here in Pittsburgh.

What exactly is a tea rinse?

Check out this cool infographic from http://www.justgrowalready.com


Sounds pretty easy right? Egg zactly.

Here’s yet another inforgraphic from http://www.savingourstrands.com that depicts a few herbal tea mixtures for shedding.

Herbal Tea Rinses To Combat Shedding (2)

So my plan is to go out and purchase some green and nettle tea. I’m going to steep them both and then add them to my spray bottle and apply to my braids and then follow up with a moisturizing DC atleast once a week (wash day) for the next 4 weeks. I’m hoping to minimize shedding and stimulate some growth.

I’ll be sure to keep ya posted. Have any of you tried tea rinses? Do you enjoy them? Have they worked for you?

Peace and Love ❀




One thought on “Tea Rinse Challenge Anyone?

  1. Hey girl!
    I was scrolling through your blog when I noticed that you are using Shea Moisture’s JBCO products. I know that JBCOhas been known to cause shedding. Maybe that could be it?
    How’d the tea rinse go?


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