Okay, so I know I don’t usually blog about love and relationships but I’ve been noticing this trend slowly take over my social feeds and I figured it be the perfect thing to blog about. I’m not sure if you are all too familiar with this new #beardgang lifestyle or if it is even making waves in your city. BUT I’ve noticed more and more of my male friends slowly growing beards. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve had friends whom have had beards for YEARS but I think I completely grown accustomed to their extra facial hair. But now it seems like EVERYONE , well to be PC almost everyone lol are growing them.

Anyway, faced with insomnia and a stupid cold that has taken over my life, I’ve found myself visiting relationship blogs and came across this dope blog, Very Smart Brothas and in turn then found a relationship article titled “The Universal “He Fine”/”He Aint Shit” Matrix” But in this article the writer, Maya Francis proceeds to talk about some video she watched in which some “elder” gives information that every young man should know about women. The “elder” then creates a matrix stating comparing a woman’s craziness to her attractiveness and then goes on to describe the different types of women you may run in to. As the article develops Francis creates her own matrix, hence the title and then proceeds to list reasons why someone would be on the AINT’ SHIT  side of the matix rather than the HE FAHN side lol. The things she listed for being on the latter side is the reason for this blog. Here’s the snippet that caught my attention:

Does he have a beard? [Check.] Has that beard graced the innermost parts of your upper thigh? [*Raises glass*]


That was my exact reaction because LORD..that second part of that statement just caused me to lose my mind. Now I’m not one to solely base my dating life on this man having a beard but


that second part of that statement caused me to lose it. But back to my original point of since when did some many females become obsessed with beards? PLEASE SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve reached the point of obsession but I do admire a nicely kept beard. Although, there is one fellow who I must say I would stalk him, because his beard just turns me on.


For all my non sports fan, the man I’m talking about is the second from the left. Yep that’s him.


Sir, sir, sir…I don’t know what it is about this man but anytime he comes on tv he instantly holds my attention. Although this man may contradict my previous statement, I don’t think I would be bummed if my significant other didn’t have a beard. I mean it’s not a way I evaluate someone’s potential, unless you are James Harden then all that is out the window.

However, I do have friends who follow beard specific pages on social media and that to me is just a tad bit too much hahaha.

My main point is to see if any of you ladies only date men with beards? Are you a #beardgang lover? How is that lifestyle working out for you?

As Floetry once eluded, It’s Getting Late… and I need to get ready for work. Until next time loves…

Peace & Love ❤


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