Blue Magic and Braids?

Happy Sunday love bugs!

I’m a firm believer in “learning from the past.” I can remember my mother using her tub of blue magic to grease my lovely scalp and then use that same grease to braid or twist my lovely thick natural hair. Yet, once I began to age I moved away from grease as a moisturizer for my curls.

However, as of recently I had come across a couple of YouTube videos of ladies who did twist outs using grease and water. And M A N the definition and shine was AH Mazing.

…so me being me, I went out and bought some grease 


I washed my hair with this lovely new product which I shall review after a few more washes and put about 10-12 braids in my freshly washed hair. I took down the braids the next day and got this definition

IMG_1281 IMG_1280 IMG_1279 IMG_1278

I already posted my day one results in a collage but here is an overall collage from day 1 to 4. The days go clockwise starting from the largest picture.


After the first night, I didn’t apply any grease and my day 2 hair was a little less defined than my other days. After I applied more grease and water on night 2 my hair was ultra defined for day 3 and 4. Also, the more I stretched my hair the better the braid out became. I loved my hair by day 4, it was the perfect definition.

Wash day was today so I’m going to give the grease and water trick another shot, but this time I’m going to do twist outs. I will definitely be back to do a comparison of the two styles. Usually I tuck my hair up for the colder weather but I’ve just been loving my hair so much lately that I’m delaying my protective styling. Have you ever used grease to do twist outs? What was your experience?

IMG_1287 IMG_1359

IMG_1387 IMG_1380

Peace and Love ❤


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