Fall Protective Style Series

Hello everyone!

Now that is it starting to get much colder here in Pittsburgh, it is time for me to tuck my lovely ends away for the winter. Usually I’m already practicing protective styles however after my latest trim I’ve fallen madly in love with my tresses and have been dragging my feet on protective styling.


But it’s getting colder here and FAST and I can’t afford to keep walking out the house with semi wet hair. I can’t take the stress of yet ANOTHER cold. So it’s time for me to put my hair away and I’d figure it be the perfect time to start a fall protective style series. I can share some of my favorite protective styles with you all.

So I’m currently rocking a quick impromptu protective style to get me through the week. It’s basically one big flat twist around my head that’s pinned down. I take it down nightly to remoisturize and then twist it back up for the next day.


So my plan is to install some chunky yarn twists over the weekend since I’m off from work! FINALLY. lol

yarn twists

But I’ll share some of my favorite protective styles with you all and these are more than likely the ones I’m going to be doing this fall/winter.

Box Braids


Marley Twists


Mini Twists


& there is one style I’ve been dying to try and those are crochet braids with marley hair. crochet braids have seem to take over the natural hair world and I’m planning on installing some for the holiday season.


What are some of your favorite fall protective styles?

Peace and Love ❀


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