Love & Other Drugs


…now usually I don’t do this but uh..

hahaha. I apologize for the R. Kelly references but this has to be probably one of THE funniest gifs ever.

ANYWAY! On to this post.

Now I’m not quite sure if you all have been following my blog or not but I used to post a lot about relationships, both my own personal ones and just relationships in general.

Check this popular one oh and this one too.

I’ll admit it. I’m obsessed with love.  Relationships intrigue me.


Sidenote: I usually hate these little things but this one hit the nail on the head.

Nonetheless the above photo pretty much describes my thoughts on relationships, whether they are loving or platonic.

My point being is that I’m going to start a LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS series that will discuss everything relating to love & relationships. Of course, I’m not an expert or anything so I will be echoing a lot of my friends feelings and thoughts as well as my own. I think it important to gather the views of others before reporting out on a certain topic.

So be on the lookout this Saturday for my very first post.

Peace and Love ❤



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