#90DayChallenge Part Deux


Happy Veterans Day everyone! I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to those who have fought or are currently fighting for my freedom.

So today’s post is dedicated to me getting back to my fitness journey. I was so motivated during the first half of the year and then went on my cruise and fell back in to my terrible eating habits. Since I had seen such great results from my last 90 Day Challenge, I’m going to revisit my challenge.

Here’s my initial #90DayChallenge Post

The rules are as follows:

Drink 3-4L of water EVERY DAY.

Eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day,

Be active for 1 hour a day.

Create a motivation journal (Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook Group) to track your progress.

Weekly group discussions in the FB group about any and everything.

$1 in a mason jar for every successful 1 hr workout completed.

#90daychallenge when posting pictures

ย No Alcohol (1 Cheat Day a month)

Get plenty of rest.

Take Day 1, 30,60,90 day pictures for progression.

Dates:ย November 11th – February 10th


Weight: 135 lbs

Waist: 27.5 inchesย 

Hips: 39 inches

Chest:32.5 inches

Thighs – Right: 22.5 inches Left: 22 inches


Short Term:

Lose 5 lbs by the end of the challenge

Workout 4x a week

Increase Flexibility

Long Term:

Remain consistent with workouts and clean eating.

Never Give Up!

Believe in myself!

FullSizeRender (1)

Anyone interested in joining me on this journey?

See you all in 30 days!

Peace and Love โค


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