Happy New Year all!

So this post is going to be short and to the point.


The following are my goals for the year, I’ve broken them down in to 4 sections: Professional, Health, Personal and Financial.


1. Become more active with the Urban League Young Professionals of Pittsburgh organization.

2. Study for the GREs and LSATs and take respective tests in Winter 2k15.

3. Volunteer with human rights organizations in Pittsburgh.


1. Run 4 5k’s.

2. More Meal Prep!

3. Enter Bikini Competition (ok this one is a stretch but…)


1. Read 25 books.

2. Strengthen relationship with God.

3. Record my successes and failures of 2015.


1. Attend a budget workshop.

2. Save $200 a month.

3. Attempt a financial fast 2x a year.

I also plan on making mini monthly goals, that will ultimately help me achieve my big goals.

January Goals:

1. Save $100 from each pay.

2. Read 3 books.

3. 90 Day No Buy.

4. Read Bible daily.

5. Write down success/failures.

6. STUDY 2x a week.


That’s it!

What are your goals for this year?

Peace and Love ❤


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