UnBoxing: Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Hey all!

So I have a confession….I’m turning into a subscription junkie (AGAIN)

It’s been a good year or so since I’ve been a true subscription junkie but I’m proud to say that I’m back baby.

& with that being said I will have a lot more posts dedicated to various unboxings..is that even a word?

Anywho so today’s post is dedicated to the Pop Sugar Must Have Box.

It is described as:

The best in fashion, beauty, home, fitness, food, and more delivered straight to your door.
Get a monthly delivery of fabulous surprises curated by POPSUGAR Founder & Editor in Chief Lisa Sugar.
Everything and then some in one box. Here is what the September box was filled with.

September Must Have

Amazing right? I’m kind of bummed because I want to try that Brow Shaping and Defining Kit by Too Faced. But that was enough for me to sign up.

Oh BTW the price of this box varies. There are various plans and the one I chose is the monthly plan for 39.95.

But as you can see the boxes are usually valued at a higher price than the monthly rate.

So here is what I received in my October box & I must say they did amazing with this Cozy and Breast Cancer Awareness themed box.



First up… I received a freaking satin pillowcase. Can I just say I’ve been procrastinating about buying some of these lately and Pop Sugar has blessed me with one and this thing is AMAZING…perfect for natural hair divas. & they included a 20% off coupon so I can buy even more.

Suggested Retail: $36

Buy Here


Next up… a lovely Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub…..LORD.

This thing is bomb and perfect for this upcoming season. Not to mention it smells divine and it’s so hydrating.

oh and hello coupon code. πŸ™‚

Suggested Retail: $17

Buy Here


YES to Female Empowerment. & she’s a brown girl. I was excited to see this book because I’ve heard great things about it.

After my GRE studying commences, I had plans of getting back to reading and I’m glad Pop Sugar included this book.

Suggested Retail: $25

Buy Here


Hello My Name is Erricka and I’m addicted to tea. Green Tea. Sleepy Time Tea. Muscle Recovery Tea. YOU name it, I love it. So this carmel-filled waffle…let that sink in.

Is supposed to be paired with a cup of tea or coffee.

I’m not a fan of dunking anything in to tea so I’m hesitant to try this out. I might just pass this off to my granny.

Suggested Retail: $1.59

Buy Here


Currently, I’m protective styling for these cold winter months so I won’t get a chance to test this baby out until I take out my latest style. It claims to detangle, add shine and strop frizz with this leave-in product. One thing I did want to note is that It’s a 10 Haircare is a proud partner of Right Action For Women, helping provide advanced cancer screening to women.

Suggested Retail: $11.96

Buy Here


Two Words: Monogrammed Jewelry.

This special extra is a $40 gift card for monogrammed statement pieces from Danielle Stevens.

Suggested Retail: $40

Buy Here


THESE BABIES… these are my favorite thing from the box and I gave them away.

I’m not a huge fan of socks but these babies are super warm and comfortable. However they are the Hope Slipper Socks from Richer Poorer and they are meant to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I figured since I am honored to know and love a Breast Cancer survivor that I would gift these socks to her. And my nana loves them and wears them daily.

Suggested Retail: $15

Buy HereΒ 


Along with being addicted to tea…I’m addicted to Wine. but not in an alcoholic way. I just enjoy a glass of wine every now and then like my boo thang Olivia Pope.

& these Easy, Tiger brown paper bags are so cute and perfect for when I need to bring a bottle of wine to a party or a friend’s house.

How cute are they?

Suggested Retail: $8

Buy Here


Overall this box is valued at $155..so almost 4 times the amount I paid for it.

Interested in signing up for a Pop Sugar Must Haves box?

Click Me.Β 

Peace and Love ❀


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