The LipStick Files: L.A Girl Matte Gloss

Hey yall!

So I’m not sure if you all have noticed but LIQUID LIPSTICK is all the rage currently. I’ve always been a matte lipstick fan and instantly became obsessed with the whole liquid lipstick craze.

So I’ve been slowly building a liquid lipstick collection. I have purchased some very affordable to some of the high end lipstick brands. This first set of lipsticks that I wanted to review of the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss lipsticks. Yeah… that name is weird because these are not glossy.

I purchased these lipsticks at my local beauty supply store here in the lovely city of Pittsburgh for $3.99. Yes you read that right, $3.99 each. I picked up 6 shades however, my sister long time borrowed the 6th one.

Currently there are 16 liquid lipsticks in the collection and the colors range from bright Barbie pinks to a deep vampy purple color. These currently cost $5 on the L.A. Girl website so I was happy to locate these babies in my local beauty supply store. I picked up two nudes, two reds and two purple shades.


From Top to Bottom:



Black Currant




Rebel (My Favorite)




Backstage (Not Pictured)



Large Color Selection

Not Drying on the Lips

Dries Fast


Darker colors are a bit opaque and you need to use more than one coat

They CRUMBLE when mixed w/ other lip products

Somewhat staining (but that really is across the board with liquid lipsticks)

Overall, I do enjoy these lippies because they are reasonably priced and have some great colors. One thing I did wish they had was a brown color. I’m obsessed with the 90s brown lip look and have been snatching all the lippies up in these colors. If you are looking to start building your collection then these are a great place to start. Also, check your local BSS because I’ve heard some places have them for even less than $3.99

Have you tried any of these lippies? Which ones are your favorites?

That’s all for now guys!

Peace and Love


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